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Sale & Installation

Sale & Installation of Event Equipment

Our field of activity is not only the temporary installation of event equipment, but we also offer our customers permanently installed solutions.
The first priority is the analysis and determination of requirements together with the customer’s wishes and above all the budget. We also take into account the use of the technology in the future in order to guarantee a long-term use of the installed components.

From small restaurants to large event venues, we design and implement the appropriate technical components together with our customers and clarify the installations with all trades at an early stage in order to save time and costs.
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  • conceptioning
  • media equipment
  • sound equipment
  • light equipment
  • modernization
  • installation
  • maintenance

Perfectly functioning technology always requires distinctive conceptual design as well as gauging and inspection of the location. Naturally these procedures are part of our service. In case you are unsure in some areas or have questions of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact us. We gladly advise you!